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"This concise and clear book by Sina Kahen can summarise and define the goal of improving patient lives through medical robotics and AI."
Mr Peter Domos MD, FRCS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

"The issue with the existing literature on Medical Robotics lies in its lack of accessibility to the general audience. Sina Kahen has successfully crafted an exceptional, concise introduction to medical robotics that is both easily understandable and highly informative."
Henry Norton, Host of Surgibots Podcast

"Such a full-scope approach is seldom found."
Ajay Gawade, John Hopkins University and Laboratory for Computational Sensing & Robotics 

Discover the transformative power of medical robotics in this compact guide. Delve into the world of robotics and see how it is revolutionising healthcare, from enabling mobility, to carrying out intricate surgeries, and streamlining care delivery.

This book isn't just about the technology. It also sheds light on human-robot interaction, regulatory issues, and aspects of commercialisation and marketing.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, researcher, investor, or innovator, this concise guide provides a snapshot into the future of healthcare, where AI and medical robotics take centre stage.

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