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Sina has spent over a decade honing his skills in international sales, product management, and innovation strategy. His multifaceted career has led him to work with industry giants such as Google, Amazon, BBC, as well as start-ups and innovation-driven firms like Novateur Ventures and DeSoutter Medical. In addition to his professional roles, Sina is a qualified Biomedical Scientist and holds an MBA from Imperial College Business School.

In his capacity as a speaker and workshop facilitator, Sina covers a broad spectrum of topics, including healthcare, AI, corporate innovation, and philosophy.

His impressive literary portfolio features four books ranging from business and technology to philosophy.


What Should my Company/Industry be doing with AI and Emerging Tech?
Covering: This is a tailor-made talk to help you get on your feet about AI and other emerging technologies, focusing specifically on your company/industry.

The Intersection of AI and Healthcare
Covering: Latest advancements in medical technology, AI's impact on patient care and diagnostics, future trends in AI and healthcare.

Philosophy and Ethics of AI
Covering: Ethical considerations in AI, impact on human decision-making, integration of religious ethics in AI, bridging empirical science with moral imperatives.

Riding the Wave of Innovation
Covering: Exploring practical strategies to harness AI, IoT, and advanced robotics for innovation, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage across various industries.

Pursuit of Meaning in the Age of Technology
Covering: Finding personal and organizational meaning in a technology-dominated era, balancing technological progress with human-centric values.

Intrapreneurship and Innovation in the Corporate World
Covering: Driving innovation in corporate settings, navigating international business challenges, leveraging new technologies for business growth through intrapreneurship.

Global Trends and International Market Dynamics
Covering: Global trends in various sectors, strategies for market expansion, navigating cultural and developmental challenges across markets.

Sina can also tailor his talks and workshops according to your organisational needs.

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